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MARK'S MIDNIGHT CARNIVAL SHOW is an indie rock band from Colorado. They write, perform, record, and release original music. In the 6 years they have been together, MMCS has performed well over 700 shows, released 2 studio albums, and put together an extremely polished stage show. This regional touring act draws from a diverse list of influences that crosses over multiple genres. They have a unique sound setting them apart from other indie bands in the Colorado music scene. Often compared to bands such as THE BLACK KEYS, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, WHITE DENIM, DELTA SPIRIT, WILCO, KINGS OF LEON, and SPOON. Mark's Midnight Carnival Show is also influenced by some of the greatest bands of all time, including THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN, CCR, OTIS REDDING, RADIOHEAD, T. REX, & so much more. This band is a must hear for any music lover.



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